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Our well-established technology and gaming discussion website, GamesGuides.org, is now accepting guest posts. We are encouraging writers and specialists in digital marketing to contribute to our game-related content and share their thoughts, viewpoints, anecdotes, and voices with our readership. GamesGuides.org offers fascinating guest posts on a variety of topics for writers, including social media marketing, business, computers, tech news, gaming reviews, video games, online games, PC games, Playstation games, Xbox games, Switch games, gaming gadgets, sports, and guest blogging. Would you want to share your knowledge on a particular subject with our audience? These are excellent channels for imparting knowledge and guidance to others, enabling them to launch and expand their businesses and improve their financial circumstances. Write for us to increase visibility and market your products and business on a reputable website.

Rules for Guest Articles on Video Games and Online Gaming

We appreciate your interest in contributing to GamesGuides.org.

Can I write articles?

You may create a piece of writing in these categories.

  • Internet gaming business,
  • digital marketing,
  • online games marketing,
  • games entertainment,
  • technology, games,
  • video games, sports,
  • and gaming gadgets,
  • games software,
  • email marketing,
  •  content marketing
  • Phones,
  • Social Media,
  • Social Media Marketing

Please be aware that connections to websites about drugs, gambling, payday loans, or adult content will not be accepted.

Why is your contribution needed?

Increased visibility for your company, new ventures, and products because of our large audience base.
To improve your SEO, provide backlinks to your products or website.
We share the material you’ve supplied on our social media platforms, which aids in building your company’s brand.
Guidelines for Guest Post Submissions: Write for Us

Guidelines for Guest Posting:

Only well-written, distinctive, relevant, and original material will be taken into consideration. If this article has already appeared somewhere else, please don’t bother submitting it; Google and Copyscape will check it before publication!

  • Posts need to have between 800 and 2000 words or more.
  • Every picture ought to be either public domain, licensed, or original. (Please, no violation of copyright.)
  • The content must be broken up into parts with subheadings and be simple to read.
  • Lastly, each link in the article should go to a reputable and relevant website.
  • It is best to have one link for every 600 words, with a maximum of 1-2 links overall. Including the link to the author.
  • Kindly provide the author’s line.
    Please write something worthy of a link in your future posts, as we would enjoy it.
    The posts that we publish are chosen carefully. You should write in an engaging, original, instructive, and well-written manner.

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