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For anyone seeking all of the chapters in The Last of Us, Part 1, they may be found on our guide page. Every task, from the prologue to the conclusion, is listed.
Here is a list of every task in The Last of Us Part 1 game, broken down into chapters. You will go through the game in a predetermined sequence, and there are several significant chapters that you will need to finish. We provide a comprehensive overview of every assignment that is accessible in our guide.

First of all,

The Last of Us is still a well-liked video game brand that captivates gamers with its intricate plot and difficult gameplay. This guide is your road map to success if you want to finish all of the chapters in The Last of Us before 2024. With our professional techniques and insights, we can help you conquer challenging foes and navigate intricate stages.

Getting the Hang of It

Comprehending the Mechanisms of Gameplay

Understanding The Last of Us’s core gameplay principles is essential to succeeding in the game. The basis for success is laid by learning these fundamentals, which include resource management and fighting methods.

Investigating the surroundings

The intricate surroundings in The Last of Us are well known for providing chances as well as difficulties. Discover how to effectively traverse different terrains, unearth mysteries, and make use of your surroundings to get an advantage.

  • The Prologue and the Quarantine Zone
  • The Outskirts
  • Bill’s Town
  • Pittsburgh
  • The Suburbs
  • Tommy’s Dam
  • The University
  • Lakeside Resort
  • Bus Depot
  • The Firefly Lab and Jackson

The Prologue and the Quarantine Zone

Prologue: Hometown

While there isn’t much interaction in the campaign’s opening stages, you will encounter many opponents and do a lot of exploring as you go through the quarantine zone’s many sections. Though you will also come across the first infected opponents here, most of your encounters will be with different kinds of bandits.

The Outskirts

The Outskirts

Joel and Ellie stop to the town hall in the area and the museum on their drive through the suburbs. Heroes must first avoid the hostile troops who are looking for them. The heroes will face further fights with the infected and their first contact with the clickers in the latter portion of the chapter.

Bill’s Town

Bill's Town

Bill’s Town is a chapter that takes place in rural locations, and it is during this chapter when the title ally makes an appearance. This is where you’ll come into contact with the infected more often than not. The school building is the scene of a massive battle with the monsters, during which the powerful infected known as bloater is first faced.



The criminals set up an ambush to start the tour in Pittsburgh. This chapter is mostly concerned with run-ins with different kinds of criminals. Joel and Ellie will travel to Pittsburgh, stopping at many bandit camps along the way, as well as a neighbourhood hotel and the financial centre.

The Suburbs

The Suburbs

Once they leave Pittsburgh, Joel and Ellie go to the suburbs with new pals in tow. The coastline and sewers are two areas that are traversed throughout the suburban adventure. In the latter section of the chapter, the heroes will battle a bunch of robbers; one of them is a sniper.

Tommy’s Dam

The protagonists will visit the hydroelectric power plant next to the title dam in this chapter, where they will have to find answers to several environmental riddles. The heroes’ mission in the latter half of the chapter is to protect a ranch that robbers have taken over.

The University

The University

In the game, the college campus is a large area that the heroes may still explore. This does not imply that the chapter will be quiet, however, since Joel and Ellie will have to cope with the bandits and infections they come across. Joel is harmed, and the chapter ends with him leaving the college.

Lakeside Resort

Lakeside Resort

This chapter is special in two ways: first, it takes place in the winter, and second, you spend the most of it controlling Ellie. That being said, the girl can fight and is not helpless, which is particularly difficult in the early stages of interactions with the infected. Ellie will have to battle with a special boss in the latter portion of the chatter that she must slip past.

Bus Depot

Bus Depot

Joel and Ellie make their way back to the city in this chapter. The heroes will also traverse the damaged roadway and go through the tunnel in addition to the bus depot with the title. There are many infected in the tunnel, but the heroes may either slip past them or engage in combat.

The Firefly Lab and Jackson

The Firefly Lab and Jackson

These are the game’s last two chapters. All that remains of the Firefly Lab is a big hospital teeming with enemy troops. Joel is going to need to sneak inside this place in order to locate Ellie. Jackson, on the other hand, is a very brief epilogue that requires just a quick travel.

Techniques for Achievement

Battle Strategies

It is unavoidable for The Last of Us to engage in warfare. Using efficient fighting strategies is crucial for survival, whether against hostile people or diseased animals. Learn how to use weapons more effectively, how to sneak up on targets, and how to rank targets.

Management of Resources

In the world of The Last of Us, resources are limited; therefore, effective management is essential. During the game, you will need to learn how to prioritise necessities, scavenge efficiently, and make smart choices to protect yourself.

Overcoming Obstacles

Handling Opponents

The Last of Us has a wide variety of strong foes. Every encounter offers a different set of difficulties, from vicious human opponents to sick critters with enhanced senses. Discover strategies for identifying flaws, assessing the actions of your opponents, and winning battles.

Resolving Puzzles

There are puzzles in The Last of Us that call for cunning and keen observation. To advance in the game, solve challenging problems by examining hints, trying out potential solutions, and using critical thought.

Advanced Techniques

Character Development

Your character’s development during The Last of Us is essential to your success. Examine strategies for maximising attribute upgrades, weapon upgrades, and skill upgrades to customise your gaming experience.

Investigating Side Projects

The Last of Us includes a tonne of side missions and secret goals in addition to the main plot. Explore these optional missions to find worthwhile prizes, extra plot points, and engaging encounters that enhance your game experience.

Professional Advice and Techniques

Using Shadows

In The Last of Us, stealth might be your best ally as it lets you avoid obstacles and carry out stealthy takedowns. To keep the element of surprise, become an expert at moving stealthily, using cover wisely, and carrying out stealth kills.

Making Use of Crafting

In The Last of Us, crafting is essential to survive the hostile environment. To improve your gaming experience, learn how to gather crafting resources, rank necessary things, and create practical tools and consumables.

the last of us chapters

There are two main games in The Last of Us series: The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II. Each game is divided into chapters, which are further divided into sections.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How many chapters are there in The Last of Us? The Last of Us consists of multiple chapters, each offering unique challenges and story progression. As of 2024, the game features a total of [insert number] chapters.
  • Are there any cheat codes for The Last of Us? While cheat codes may enhance gameplay in some titles, The Last of Us prioritizes a challenging and immersive experience without cheat code support.
  • What platforms is The Last of Us available on? The Last of Us is available on various platforms, including PlayStation consoles and PC. Be sure to check the compatibility of your device before purchasing.
  • Is multiplayer available in The Last of Us? Yes, The Last of Us offers a multiplayer mode known as Factions, where players can engage in intense competitive and cooperative gameplay experiences.
  • How long does it take to complete The Last of Us? The completion time for The Last of Us varies depending on factors such as gameplay style, difficulty level, and exploration. On average, completing the main storyline can take approximately [insert duration] hours.
  • Can I replay chapters in The Last of Us? Yes, The Last of Us allows players to replay chapters at their convenience, enabling them to revisit key moments, complete missed objectives, and explore alternative paths.


Mastering all the chapters in The Last of Us requires patience, skill, and strategic thinking. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be equipped to overcome challenges, unravel the story, and emerge victorious in the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us.


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