What is the Correct one piece arcs in order 2024

Most people agree that One Piece is among the greatest manga and anime series. The manga, which is currently in publication decades after the anime first aired, demonstrates how far from over the story of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates is. Many individuals have referred to One Piece as the finest adventure narrative they have ever read despite it being the top-selling manga of all time. A lover of Shonen anime will find everything they could want in One Piece, from extensive worldbuilding to furious battle. There are a tonne of episodes, specials, and even films in One Piece that are all about it. So, yes, we have you covered if you intend to watch One Piece and want to know how to watch the anime in the correct sequence. Continue reading to find out about each of One Piece’s story arcs and start your pirate adventure.

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2024: Entering the exciting realm of One Piece? Keeping the story arcs in the correct sequence is essential for creating an immersive experience. This all-inclusive book will improve your exploration of the vast and enthralling One Piece world by offering in-depth analysis and thorough answers to frequently asked topics.

What is One Piece’s Story?

In the animated series One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy forms a pirate crew with the goal of obtaining the coveted “One Piece” treasure and ascending to the position of pirate king. Gol D. Roger, the previous pirate king, left behind this wealth. The story starts on a pirate-populated planet and grows into something more complex and surprising.

The story of One Piece is divided into main sagas, each of which comprises smaller sub-sagas. There are many story arcs throughout the sub-sagas. The islands that Luffy and his gang visit determine how these storylines are split. The arc starts when they settle on a new island. The current arc comes to an end, and the next one begins when they leave for a different place.

Investigating the Grand Line

The First: Dawn of Romance

In the Romance Dawn storyline, set off on a grand adventure with Luffy and his companions. Discover the history of the Straw Hat Pirates and see how a famous gang came to be.

Setting Out: Syrup Village and Orange Town

Explore Syrup Village and Orange Town as the Straw Hats run against obstacles and enemies. Discover the relationships between the characters and the crew’s development.

Step Up to the Baroque Works Saga

Explore the tale of Baroque Works as the crew embarks on the Grand Line. In this crucial story, meet the mysterious crocodile and follow the team as they grow.

How to View One Piece in the Appropriate Sequence

Here is a list of every arc in the proper sequence, including the TV specials, movies, fillers, and special episodes. The following is the sequence in which you may begin viewing the anime series One Piece:

Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Story is the title of the first part of One Piece (pre-time skip). It spans 597 manga chapters and 516 anime episodes, broken up into six sub-sagas and many arcs. They are listed in the following order:

The East Blue Story 

The East Blue Saga is the original One Piece story. It is named the East Blue Saga because it is set in the East Blue Sea. The arcs that comprise the East Blue Saga are as follows:

Difficulties in the Wide Ocean

The Skypiea Adventure: Skypiea and Jaya
Take the Skypiea and Jaya arcs and soar to the heavens. Discover the secrets of Sky Island and see how the crew perseveres in the face of formidable opponents.

The Water 7 Saga: Enies Lobby and Water 7

Make your way across the rough waves of Water 7 and take on the formidable obstacles of Enies Lobby. Observe the crew’s perseverance and development in the face of difficulty.

Bark, the thriller: The Strange Nightmare

Enter the creepy Thriller Bark arc and face the strange obstacles it presents. Face tremendous odds and discover the crew’s friendship while exploring the otherworldly components.

Romance Dawn Arc

  • Episodes: 1-3
  • Manga Chapters: 1-7

Orange Town Arc

  • Episodes: 4-8
  • Manga Chapters: 8-21

Syrup Village Arc

  • Episodes: 9-18
  • Manga Chapters: 22-41

One Piece: The Movie (2000) – Movie 1

  • Runtime: 51 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 6.6/7.1
  • Watch it after episode 18.

Baratie Arc

  • Episodes: 19-30
  • Manga Chapters: 42-68

Arlong Park Arc

  • Episodes: 31-44
  • Manga Chapters: 69-95

Loguetown Arc

  • Episodes: 45, 48-53
  • Manga Chapters: 96-100

One Piece: Clockwork Island Adventure (2001) – Movie 2

  • Runtime: 60 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 6.7/7.1
  • Watch it after episode 53.

Buggy’s Crew Adventure Chronicles

  • Episodes: 46,47
  • Manga Chapters35-75 (Serial Covers)

Warship Island Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 54-60

Changes in Power and Disclosures

The Summit War Saga: Marineford to the Sabaody Archipelago

From the mayhem of the Sabaody Archipelago to the pivotal Battle of Marineford, relive the epic tale of the Summit War. Observe changes in authority, disclosures, and the effects on the One Piece universe.

Time-slip: Getting Back Together After Two Years

After two years of preparation, the gang reunites to explore the post-time-skip period. Observe their newfound powers and the events that are transpiring that will lead to the New World.

Arabasta Saga

The Arabasta Saga derives its name from the nation that the Straw Hat visits and where most of the drama occurs. This is the second saga in the show. The Arabasta Saga is divided into the following arcs:

Reverse Mountain Arc

  • Episodes: 62 & 63
  • Manga Chapters: 101-105

Whisky Peak Arc

  • Episodes: 64-67
  • Manga Chapters: 106-114

Koby and Helmeppo Arc

  • Episodes: 68 & 69
  • Manga Chapters: 83-119 (Serial Covers)

Little Garden Arc

  • Episodes: 70-77
  • Manga Chapters: 115-129

Drum Island Arc

  • Episodes: 78-91
  • Manga Chapters: 130-154

Arabasta Arc

  • Episodes: 92-97, 100, 101, 103-130
  • Manga Chapters: 155-217

Arabasta Mini-Filler Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 98, 99, and 102

Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (2002) – Movie 3

  • Runtime: 1 hour 1 minute
  • IMDB/MAL: 6.3/6.9
  • Watch it after episode 102.

Post-Alabasta Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 131-135

Which One Piece Arcs Are Correct in Order 2024?

New World Chronicles: Wano to Punk Hazard

Start the New World Chronicles and read about Wano, Dressrosa, Punk Hazard, Whole Cake Island, and Zou. See the secrets of the New World being revealed, as well as the crew’s confrontations with formidable opponents.

Sky Island Saga

The Skypiea (floating island), which is the setting for most of the action, gives rise to the name of the Sky Island Saga. It is the third saga in the show. Various arcs make up the Sky Island Saga, including:

Goat Island Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 136-138

One Piece The Movie: Dead End Adventure (2003) – Movie 4

  • Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 7.2/7.5
  • Watch it after episode 138.

Ruluka Island Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 139-143

One Piece: The Cursed Holy Sword (2004) – Movie 5

  • Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 6.6/7.1
  • Watch it after episode 143.

Jaya Arc

  • Episodes: 144-152
  • Manga Chapters: 218-236

Skypiea Arc

  • Episodes: 153-195
  • Manga Chapters: 237-302


  • Episodes: 196-206

Episode of Sky Island (TV Special)

  • It is a recap episode of the Sky Island saga, which released in 2019

Water 7 Saga

The Venice-like paradise Water 7 island that the Straw Hat reaches after Skypiea is the inspiration for the name of the Water 7 Saga. This is the anime show’s fourth saga, and it is divided into the following arcs:

Long Ring Long Land Arc

  • Episodes: 207-219
  • Manga Chapters: 303-321

Ocean’s Dream Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 220-224

Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005) – Movie 6

  • Runtime: 1 hour 31 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 7.2/7.7
  • Watch it after episode 224.

Foxy’s Return Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 225-226

Water 7 Arc

  • Episodes: 227-263
  • Manga Chapters: 322-374

Mega Mecha Soldier of Karakuri Castle (2006) – Movie 7

  • Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 6.5/7.2
  • Watch it after episode 228.

Enies Lobby Arc

  • Episodes: 264-290, 293-302, 304-312
  • Manga Chapters: 375-430

One Piece The Movie: Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates (2007) – Movie 8

  • Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 6.8/7.32
  • Watch it after episode 312.

Straw Hat’s Backstories Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 279-283

Boss Luffy Historical Special (Special Filler Episodes)

  • Episodes: 291,292,303

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

  • Episodes: 313-316, 320-325
  • Manga Chapters: 431-441

One Piece: Episode of Chopper Plus – Bloom in the Winter, Miracle Sakura (2008) – Movie 9

  • Runtime: 1 hour 53 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 7.0/7.5
  • Watch it after episode 325.

Post Ennies Lobby Filler Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 317-319

Thriller Bark Saga

The spooky Thriller Bark island that Luffy and his friends explore after Water 7 island inspired the name Thriller Bark. It is the fifth saga of the show. The following arcs make up this saga:

Ice Hunter Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 326-336

Thriller Bark Arc

  • Episodes: 337-381
  • Manga Chapters: 442-489

One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase (2011) – Movie 10

  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 6.6/7.0
  • Watch it after episode 381.

Spa Island Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 382-384

Summit War Saga

The sixth and last saga of One Piece’s first half is called Summit War Saga. It is called so because of the grand conflict that occurs in the anime series. The arcs in this saga are as follows:

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

  • Episodes: 385-405
  • Manga Chapters: 490-513

Boss Luffy Arc 2.0 (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 406, 407

Amazon Lily Arc

  • Episodes: 408-417
  • Manga Chapters: 514-524

Straw Hat’s Separation Serial

  • Episodes:418-421, 453-456
  • Manga Chapters: 543-560 (Serial Covers)

Impel Down Arc

  • Episodes: 422-425, 430-452
  • Manga Chapters: 525-549

Little East Blue Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 426-429

One Piece Film: Strong World (2009) – Movie 11

  • Runtime: 1 hour 55 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 7.5/8.1
  • Watch it after episode 429.

A Special Retrospective Before Marineford Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 457-458

Marineford Arc

  • Episodes: 459-489
  • Manga Chapters: 550-580

Post-War Arc

  • Episodes: 490-491, 493-498, 500-505, 507-516
  • Manga Chapters: 581-597

Toriko Crossover (Special Filler Episode)

  • Episode: 492

Luffy’s Past (Anime Canon/Filler Episode)

  • Episode: 499

Straw Hats Reaction (Anime Canon/Filler Episode)

  • Episode: 506

Fish-Man Island Saga

The Fish-Man Location Saga is named after the undersea island initially visited by the Straw Hats in the second part of One Piece. It is the seventh saga of the show. This saga’s arcs are as follows:

Return to Sabaody Arc

  • Episodes: 517-522
  • Manga Chapters: 598-602

Fish-Man Island Arc

  • Episodes: 523-541, 543-574
  • Manga Chapters: 603-653

Toriko Crossover 2(Special Filler Episode)

  • Episode: 542

Dressrosa Saga

The Dressrosa Saga was the longest saga before the Wano Country Saga. It is named after the Dressrosa island that the Straw Hat Pirates visited after Fishman Island. This is the eighth saga of the show and is split into the following arcs:

Z’s Ambition Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 575-578

One Piece Film: Z (2012)- Movie 12

  • Runtime: 1 hour 48 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 7.8/8.2
  • Watch it after episode 578.

Punk Hazard Arc

  • Episodes: 579-589, 591-625
  • Manga Chapters: 654-699

One Piece x Toriko & Dragon Ball Crossover (Special Filler Episode)

  • Episode: 590

Caesar Retrieval Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes:626-628

Dressrosa Arc

  • Episodes: 629-746
  • Manga Chapters: 700-801

3D2Y: Overcome Ace’s Death! Luffy’s Vow to His Friends (TV Special)

  • Watch it after episode 658

Episode of Sabo: Bond of Three Brothers – A Miraculous Reunion and an Inherited Will (TV Special)

  • Watch it after episode 705

Adventure of Nebulandia (TV Special)

  • Watch it after episode 722

Whole Cake Island Saga

The Whole Cake Island, also known as Yonko Saga, is named after the Whole Cake Island that the Straw Hats visit after Dressrosa island in the series. This is the ninth saga and is divided into the following arcs:

Silver Mine Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 747-750

Heart Of Gold (TV Special)

  • Watch it after episode 749

One Piece Film: Gold (2016) – Movie 13

  • Runtime: 2 hours
  • IMDB/MAL: 7.2/7.9
  • Watch it after episode 750.

Zou Arc

  • Episodes: 751-774, 776-779
  • Manga Chapters: 802-824

Straw Hats Rescue Operation (FILLER)

  • Episodes: 775

Marine Rookie Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 780-782

Whole Cake Island Arc

  • Episodes: 783-877
  • Manga Chapters: 825-902

Reverie/Levely Arc

  • Episodes: 878-889
  • Manga Chapters: 903-908

One Piece: Stampede (2019) – Movie 14

  • Runtime: 1 hour 41 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 7.5/8.2
  • Watch it after episode 889.

Wano Country Saga

The Wano Country Saga is officially the longest saga of One Piece, beating the Dressrosa Saga. This is the tenth saga of the anime series and takes place in the Wano country. This saga is split into the following arcs:

Wano Country Arc

  • Episodes: 890-894, 897-906, 908-1028, 1031-1085
  • Manga Chapters: 909-1057

Cidre Guild Arc (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes895,896

Anime 20th Anniversary Special Romance Dawn (Special Episode)

  • Episode907

Uta’s Past (FILLER ARC)

  • Episodes: 1029,1030

One Piece: Film – Red (2022) – Movie 15

  • Runtime: 1 hour 55 minutes
  • IMDB/MAL: 6.5/8.0
  • Watch it after episode 1030.

Final Saga

The latest and eleventh saga of One Piece is the Final Saga. The manga is currently ongoing, and the anime has yet to adapt this saga for TV release. The arcs of this saga are as follows:

Egghead Arc

  • Episodes: 1086-ongoing
  • Manga Chapters: 1058-ongoing

 What is the Correct one piece arcs in order 2024

The “correct” order of One Piece arcs can depend on a couple of factors, namely:

Canon vs. Filler: One Piece has quite a few filler arcs interspersed with the main story. Some people prefer to skip these entirely, while others watch them for additional world-building and character interactions.

Manga vs. Anime: The anime sometimes adds filler and rearranges episodes within arcs, so the presentation might differ slightly depending on which format you’re consuming.

However, assuming you’re looking for the main story without filler and in manga chapter order, here’s the correct One Piece arc sequence as of 2024 (including the currently ongoing arc):

East Blue Saga:

  • Romance Dawn Arc (Chapters 1-3)
  • Orange Town Arc (Chapters 4-8)
  • Syrup Village Arc (Chapters 9-18)
  • Baratie Arc (Chapters 19-30)
  • Arlong Park Arc (Chapters 31-44)
  • Loguetown Arc (Chapters 45-53)
  • Reverse Mountain Arc (Chapters 54-61)
  • Whiskey Peak Arc (Chapters 64-67)
  • Little Garden Arc (Chapters 70-77)
  • Drum Island Arc (Chapters 78-91)
  • Arabasta Arc (Chapters 92-130)

Arabasta Saga:

  • Alabasta Arc (Chapters 131-139)
  • Jaya Arc (Chapters 140-154)
  • Skypiea Arc (Chapters 155-236)

Water 7 Saga:

  • Long Ring Long Land Arc (Chapters 237-243)
  • Water 7 Arc (Chapters 244-344)
  • Enies Lobby Arc (Chapters 345-441)
  • Post-Enies Lobby Arc (Chapters 442-445)
  • Thriller Bark Arc (Chapters 446-489)

Summit War Saga:

  • Sabaody Archipelago Arc (Chapters 490-512)
  • Amazon Lily Arc (Chapters 513-516)
  • Impel Down Arc (Chapters 517-579)
  • Marineford Arc (Chapters 580-597)
  • Post-Marineford Arc (Chapters 598-602)

Fish-Man Island Saga:

  • Return to Sabaody Arc (Chapters 603-611)
  • Fish-Man Island Arc (Chapters 612-678)
  • Punk Hazard Arc (Chapters 679-783)
  • Dressrosa Arc (Chapters 784-859)

Dressrosa Saga:

  • Caesar Retrieval Arc (Chapters 679-699)
  • Dressrosa Arc (Chapters 700-859)
  • Zou Arc (Chapters 822-825)
  • Whole Cake Island Arc (Chapters 826-902)

Wano Country Saga:

  • Reverie Arc (Chapters 903-908)
  • Wano Country Arc (Chapters 909-Ongoing)

Final Saga:

  • Egghead Arc (Chapters 1055-Ongoing)

Remember, this is just one way to experience One Piece. Feel free to explore different arcs and watch/read in the order that interests you most!

I hope this clarifies the one piece arc sequence in 2024. Let me know if you have any other questions!

FAQs about One Piece Arcs in 2024

Q: What is the best arc in One Piece? Explore personal preferences, but many fans consider the Water 7 and Enies Lobby saga as one of the finest due to its intense battles and emotional depth.

Q: Can I skip any arcs in One Piece? While some arcs may seem less impactful, each contributes to character development and the overarching narrative. Skipping may lead to confusion.

Q: Is One Piece still ongoing in 2024? Yes, as of 2024, One Piece continues its serialization, promising more adventures for fans to enjoy.

Q: How long does it take to catch up on One Piece? Catching up on One Piece may take a significant amount of time, considering its extensive episode and chapter count. Pace yourself for an enjoyable experience.

Q: Are fillers essential in One Piece? Filler episodes provide additional context and insights, contributing to the overall narrative. While not mandatory, they can enhance the viewing experience.

Q: What makes One Piece special? One Piece stands out for its intricate world-building, character depth, and the exploration of themes like friendship, dreams, and freedom.


Navigating the correct order of One Piece arcs in 2024 ensures an enriched experience. From the early adventures to the New World Chronicles, each arc contributes to the legacy of this iconic series. Embark on this epic voyage and savor the captivating world Eiichiro Oda has crafted.


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