A Step-by-Step Guide to Progressing in the FF14 MSQ

Which are FFXIV’s Main Scenario Quests?

The major FFXIV quests featuring voice acting and cutscenes are called Main Scenario Quests. To advance in the narrative, you must complete the Main Scenario Quests. Essential elements like airship travel, Chocobo mounts, new towns, and Grand Company access may also be unlocked by completing these tasks.

The first MSQs that players acquire will vary depending on the city in which they begin. Prior to these missions triggering, you will also need to reach certain levels.


Welcome to Final Fantasy 14 Main Scenario Quests (ff14 msq), an enthralling world. Explore the core of Eorzea as we go through these engrossing adventures to reveal the grand story. Our guide will cover every aspect, from the modest beginnings to the magnificent crescendos, making sure you’re ready for the journey ahead.

All of the Main Scenario Quests in Final Fantasy XIV Enumerated – FFXI MSQ List

Principal Campaign


The Main Scenario Quests to begin in the Gridania area are listed below.

Near the Bannock, Home Reaching the Muster Chasing, Shadows Eggs over, Queasy Examining the Damage

The Beginning Story

Explore the origins of Final Fantasy 14 MSQ and follow its lineage to the creative minds who brought it to life. Discover how Main Scenario Quests have changed over time and how they have shaped the game’s story. See the narrative mastery that distinguishes Final Fantasy 14 from its lore-rich origins to the present.

The brave men and women

Discover the recognisable figures that adorn the FF14 msg canvas. The depth and emotion that each protagonist and antagonist bring to the story enhances your gaming experience. Join forces with heroes, take on powerful opponents, and create relationships that go beyond the virtual world.

Getting Around Eorzea’s Domains

Take a virtual journey across the many landscapes of Eorzea. FF14 msq transports you to a world of vibrant cities and vast nature. Explore barren deserts, thick woods, and snow-capped peaks as you overcome obstacles to prove your mettle and take in the splendour of this virtual world.

Obstacles and Achievements

There are several obstacles to achieving success in the FF14 MSQ. Examine the nuances of the conflicts, riddles, and moral choices that determine the course of events for your character. In the face of difficulty, overcome barriers, acquire new skills, and enjoy the taste of triumph.

The Mysterious FF14 MSQ Lore

Discover the mystery of the Final Fantasy 14 mythology that has been skillfully included in the game’s ff14 msg. Immerse yourself in a narrative tapestry that extends beyond simple tasks, uncovering secrets and ancient prophecies that will enhance your gaming experience and provide you with a better knowledge of Eorzea’s past.

Plot twists and Epic Moments

Relive the breathtaking scenes and mind-blowing narrative turns that characterise Final Fantasy 14 MSQ. These narrative highs and lows enhance your gaming experience and leave a lasting impression on your virtual journey. Expect to be taken on a thrilling ride filled with unexpected twists and emotional roller coasters.

Chronicles of Crafting and Gathering

Explore the less-travelled areas of FF14 MSQ’s crafting and collecting missions. Find the mutually beneficial connection between these exercises and the main story. Discover the strategic and economic ramifications that contribute to the overall story of Eorzea’s destiny.

ff14 msg: A Conversation

Examine the multiplayer dynamics that FF14 MSQ offers. Make friends, organise groups, and engage in thrilling combat with other gamers. In the enormous continent of Eorzea, the social component of these missions adds a distinctive aspect to the story by transforming every meeting into a shared experience.

Techniques for Achievement

Arm yourself with valuable tactics to traverse the FF14 MSQ successfully. Our book offers tips and tricks to get the most out of your game experience, from resource management to character building. Discover undiscovered gems, quick cuts, and professional advice to win every mission.

The Enthralling Music

Enjoy the captivating tunes that go along with ff14 msq. Discover the creative brilliance behind the game’s soundtrack, which enhances each quest’s emotional impact. The music becomes an essential component of your virtual journey, ranging from grand orchestral themes to moving piano compositions.

Community Views

Explore the lively ff14 msq community. Talk about your tactics, beliefs, and experiences with other players across the world. The combined wisdom of the community broadens your perspective and creates a feeling of oneness that goes beyond the pixels on your screen.

ff14 MSQ: Equilibrium Act

Examine how the ff14 msq strikes a careful balance between player agency and narrative richness. Engage in dialogue on the effects of player choices on the entire game experience, alternative stories, and player choices. Discover the complex balancing act between player agency and storyline.

FF14 MSF events in-game

Find out the dynamic interaction between FF14 msg and in-game events. These one-time events give players exclusive challenges and prizes while blending in seamlessly with the main story. Keep yourself informed on impending events that might drastically alter Eorzea’s terrain.

The Tradition Goes On

The legacy of Final Fantasy 14 MSQ changes along with the game. Look forward to upcoming chapters, characters, and challenges in Main Scenario Quests. The heritage carries on, guaranteeing a constantly developing story that will engross gamers for years to come.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Progressing in the FF14 MSQ

The FF14 MSQ, ah! It’s a long and fantastic adventure, and I’m glad to guide you on it. Here’s how to advance through the Main Scenario Quest step-by-step:

1. Getting Started

Adventurer Newbie: Your route in Eorzea is relatively simple if you’re just getting started. Start with the guild quest for your class and work your way through the significant scenario missions in your beginning city (Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, or Gridania) by following the yellow quest markers. These will acquaint you with the fundamentals of the game and its setting and captivate your attention with its narrative.

Starting Out

2. Elevating Your Game:

Elevating Your Game


 Main Scenario Quest completion is the main path to character-level advancement and content unlocking. Make sure to prioritise these quests since they provide substantial experience points!

Side Quests:

Although not necessary for advancement, side missions may provide you with more lore and significant experience points. They may also be an enjoyable way to travel and get to know new people.

Raids and Dungeons: 

Though they usually need a certain amount of MSQ progress points to unlock, these group challenges give excellent gear and experience benefits. You’ll be able to enter additional dungeons and raids as the tale goes on.

3. Remaining on Course:

Remaining on Course

Quest Marker in Action:

On your map, a blue quest marker will constantly indicate your current MSQ. To remain on course, adhere to it!


The Journal, which is available from the main menu, allows you to keep track of your progress and examine the objectives you’ve completed.

Internet Trackers for MSQ:

For the MSQ, a number of internet sites, such as FFXIV-Progress and FFXIV Realm Reborn, provide comprehensive instructions and trackers. If you need help or want to know what’s approaching, they might be helpful.

4. Savour the Journey!

Indulge yourself: The FF14 MSQ offers an intricate web of narrative, personas, and worldbuilding. Enjoy the journey, take your time, and allow yourself to get carried away by the experience.
Community: The FF14 community is very hospitable and helpful. Never be afraid to seek for assistance or guidance from other intrepid travellers!

Extra Advice:

Unlock Teleport: As you advance, give priority to opening important aetheryte places so that you may teleport conveniently. You’ll save a tonne of time travelling in and out of these locations.
Grand Companies: To access more missions and prizes, join one of the three Grand Companies—the Order of the Twin Adder, Immortal Flames, or Maelstrom Alliance.
Gathering and crafting: Although unrelated to the MSQ, these occupations may be enjoyable ways to add variety to your gaming and earn additional gold.

ff14 msq FAQ’s

What is the significance of ff14 msq in the game?

The Main Scenario Quests in Final Fantasy 14 serve as the central thread weaving the game’s narrative tapestry. They guide players through the overarching story, introducing key characters, conflicts, and pivotal moments.

How often are new ff14 msq added to the game?

Square Enix regularly releases updates that include new Main Scenario Quests, ensuring a continuous flow of content for players. The frequency may vary, but the commitment to expanding the narrative remains steadfast.

Can I play ff14 msq solo, or is it better with a party?

While ff14 msq can be experienced solo, certain quests may benefit from a party dynamic. Multiplayer aspects enhance social interactions, creating a more immersive and collaborative gaming experience.

Are choices in ff14 msq impactful on the overall story?

Yes, player choices in ff14 msq can influence the narrative. Decisions made throughout the quests may lead to different outcomes, adding a layer of personalization to the overarching story.

How does crafting and gathering tie into ff14 msq?

Crafting and gathering quests in ff14 msq contribute to the game’s economic and strategic elements. They offer additional layers to the narrative, showcasing the interconnected nature of various in-game activities.

What role does the ff14 msq community play in the gaming experience?

The ff14 msq community fosters a shared space for players to exchange insights, strategies, and experiences. It enhances the overall gaming experience by creating a sense of camaraderie among players worldwide.


Embarking on the ff14 msq journey is more than a gaming experience; it’s a narrative odyssey through the enchanting world of Eorzea. As you navigate the Main Scenario Quests, savor the challenges, relish the triumphs, and become part of a global community united by a love for Final Fantasy 14.

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